Sarah Franzen

M.M. - Vocal Pedagogy

Sarah and Eric met over 25 years ago as fellow music majors at the University of Minnesota where she completed her BM in Classical Vocal Performance. She later went on to complete her Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy at San Jose State University.


Over the past 20+ years, Sarah has taught K-12 classroom music (general, instrumental, and choral) in both public and private schools, has owned her own private music school, and has taught privately at both her school and in-home studios. She is a regular adjudicator for choral events in the central Virginia area and works closely with Eric in the management of his music studio.


Sarah's current daytime job has nothing to do with music (she uses algebra and statistics every day), though she loves it despite that fact. She has always wanted to play the cello and the harp, so as of October 2015, in preparation for her daughter's entrance into the "real world" (i.e. Empty Nest Syndrome), she decided to turn her aspiration into reality (at least in part) and started cello lessons. Consequently since then, she has been learning the true meaning of humility (currently aiming high = mediocrity) and hard work. She recently added a harp to the mix and is living her musical dreams and loving every moment.

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