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Steph Saunders

Wedding Planner

"Working alongside Eric Franzen was a pleasure! Not only is he a great musician, he was able to set the mood for my client's wedding ceremony and cocktail hour perfectly. With the bride's permission, he expertly chose music for both settings and brought a cellist that matched the event's vibe. At this outdoor event, we had bit of a hiccup with the weather and Eric adapted to the new situation without pause or complaint, even offering his professional opinion (which was very much needed!). I can't wait to work with him again!" 

Forrest Young


"Performing with Eric is a breeze. His rhythmic approach is immediately infectious and malleable to whatever group dynamic is happening in the moment! Not only is he a great keyboardist, but he's a super nice guy.  I look forward to every gig with Eric!"

Brian Mesko


"Eric is an agile organist with great taste in music and a wonderfully dry sense of humor. I was impressed with his tune selection on our last gig together, and I thoroughly enjoy playing with him!"

Trevor Williams


"When listening to Eric, you cannot miss his obvious love for music. His playing is a wonderful balance of discipline, sensitivity, creativity, and occasionally, humor. As a musician, it is always a joy to play with Eric!"

Randy Johnston


"Eric Franzen is a terrific musician. He is versatile and professional and a great addition to my band whenever he works with us. My music covers a lot of bases rhythmically and harmonically as well as stylistically and Eric is always right with us. In addition he is personable and a great guy to have on any gig."

Liz Heal

VP Marketing, Natural Retreats

"Eric's blues band was awesome! Everyone at our company event kept commenting on the band's music.  Amazing musicians with a real feel for the type of music the crowd was interested in. They even allowed one of our company employees (who luckily has an amazing voice) to sing with the band, which was truly special. They arrived early with plenty of time to set up and were extremely professional. Thanks for making our event such a huge success.  I'm sure we'll be working with Eric again. Don't hesitate to book this band - if you do, you'll be missing out!"

Kadie & Ty Thompson

Bride and Groom

"Eric was an amazing musician to work with while planning our wedding. He provided all of the music and was incredibly flexible. Eric was able to perfectly encompass what we wanted for our ceremony. He played beautifully and we could not have asked for a better musician."

Craig Jennings

Music Educator, Albemarle County Public Schools

"Eric Franzen is not only a terrific musician, but also a terrific professional. His supportive and flexible attitude dovetails perfectly with musical and life lessons I teach to my vocalists."

David Drubin


"After playing music for over 55 years it's always a thrill to discover new and exciting musicians to perform with.  Eric Franzen is not only a joy to play with but he's a musician that understands how to interact with others.  He has a great sense of swing, groove, and happiness in his playing.  Whenever I have an Eric Franzen 'gig' in my book I can't wait to start!"

Camilla Seiler

Business Analyst, Deloitte

"The Eric Franzen Trio came recommended to us and they did not disappoint! Their music gave a warm, fun atmosphere to our company pig roast and Eric and his group were very friendly and professional. I would absolutely recommend them for your next event."

Jeremy Gordon

Musician, Former Bandmate - Holland America

"Eric is an incredibly talented and versatile musician, one of the best I've come across in nearly three decades as a musician. His creativity and musical leadership are the standards that I keep in mind for all of my own gigs and groups. In my mind, what sets Eric apart from other talented musicians is his ability to relate to the others he works with: fellow musicians, students, or clients. He is a dynamic performer but also one of the most humble I've ever met. Eric is the consummate professional; anyone considering hiring him as a teacher, band mate, or performer should not hesitate or think twice. "

LTC Greg and Cathie Voth

Parents of Piano Student

"Eric is a phenomenal teacher and mentor. He has always motivated our [youngest] daughter to be better and she truly enjoys her piano lessons and looks forward to learning with him every week. Both Greg and our oldest daughter started guitar lessons with him this fall!"

Jeff Engholm

Musician/Music Educator/Recording Engineer

“Eric Franzen is the most 'natural' musician I have ever worked with. Music flows out of him like water over a falls.”

Eric Lamb

Executive Director, March of Dimes - Virginia Chapter

“Eric Franzen and his jazz group have provided the cocktail hour music at the March of Dimes annual gala in Charlottesville, Virginia for the past four years in a row. The music is smooth, light and top quality. I've already booked them again for this year.”

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Jamisyn Becker

Tasting Room Manager, Early Mountain Vineyards

"It's always a pleasure having [Eric] at Early Mountain!  We look forward to seeing him every month."

Tony Axtell

Producer, Axtell Productions/Sound Engineer, Prairie Home Companion

"Eric is one of those talents who always surprises your ears with how many instruments, styles and genres he knows so intuitively. I’ve always loved his spontaneous creativity... This is what sets an artist like Eric apart from many others."

Jen Maton

Parent of Piano Students

Eric is an amazing piano teacher! He makes learning fun and helps my kids feel confident no matter what level they are at. We highly recommend his services!

Janelle Ellis

Music Educator, Albemarle County Public Schools

“Eric Franzen is a wonderful pianist/accompanist. I have hired him several times to accompany my choirs for adjudicated events and concerts with minimal rehearsal time with the students; Eric is always professional and the performances have always gone smoothly. He interacts well with students and adults and comes with high recommendation from me.”

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Rich Baker

General Manager, Commonwealth Restaurant & Skybar

"Eric and his band made our event a great success.  From knowing what to play based on the crowd, they had guests lined up to listen and compliments were flowing in praise of the event.  We can't wait to get them back!"

Forrest Burnette


“I was called to do some session work at a studio in Charlottesville in the spring of 2015 and Eric was the pianist on the project, who I had just met the day of the recording.  He is one of those pros who is a pleasure to work with and his versatility helped the session go smoothly.  Eric's ability to take suggestions from the producer and to immediately translate them into performances made that day painless, and I look forward to working with him again on future projects."

Rev. Christine Chiles

Pastor/Former Employer, Maple Grove Lutheran

“Eric's music is electric with energy and moves with emotion. Eric is an original artist who brings his own arrangements and personal style to his music. [He is] a wonderful musician whose faith and passion resound. He inspires with wit and warmth... You can feel his joy and dedication as he brings his best to each performance. We eagerly wait for each new CD release!”

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